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Handcrafted Western Americana by Carl W. Merck

Welcome to features works created by renowned Western Americana and French & Indian War era artist Carl W. Merck. Carl's handcrafted replicas are prized by collectors worldwide. We hope you enjoy viewing these beautiful examples of his work.

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Simple Inlay Tomahawk

My goal with this early 'hawk was to make a clean and minimal pipe axe.  Simple but without sacrificing quality and appeal.



Civil War Bowie Knife

An interest of mine since childhood, shaped my ancestral roots and the region in which I was born is the Civil War. This is a Bowie Style Knife in the style carried from home into the war by many a Southern boy.



Assorted Accouter

An eclectic mix of regalia and equipment spanning an expanded historical timeframe.

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DIY utensils for tinkering

"What would life be if we had no courage to attempt anything?"

Vincent Van Gogh

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